Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time and Happiness

By Nehpetsmai Kaed
May 28, 2012

Superficial attachments to clothing, money, cars, jewelry, toys, etc., is not the answer to self-fulfillment. Our culture is debasing the dignity of the human spirit by programming the masses to measure one's value by the brand name on a shirt, or the kind of car one drives. This situation is nothing short of mass-madness. Whereas  the spending of money on something you enjoy can bring temporary satisfaction, that momentary elevation is quickly depleted and so serves no meaningful value. Until a person can unplug his or herself from the mass-controlled staple-fare, he or she cannot find true peace or happiness. When one seeks to find a true balance between personal desire and harmony with all life and the nature of the universe, that person begins a path toward deep contentment, resounding peace, and unbounded love. Why should we continue to attach ourselves to tribes based on politics, sports teams, brand labels, religions, race, gender, etc.? What is the lasting value to our species in doing so?

We must cut through these detrimental and superficial attachments and embrace our humanity. We must embrace our fellow man as brothers and sisters. We must continually strive to improve ourselves in ways that support the dignity of our character and strengthens our bonds to life as a whole. There is a spark in us all that separates our existence from the decaying corpse we all must someday become. That spark is divine, and it is within all life. It defines that most delicate threshold between a collection of atoms and a living, sentient being. Some believe that the sum of all of these individual sparks (soul, spirit, etc.) is a part of the divine itself. Some believe it may be the total. In either case, it presents a common bond between us all and our creator. It does not matter what words one chooses to call that ultimate force. What matters is that we work toward realizing its presence and discontinue the popular acts of distraction that detract from our understanding. What is prosperity without wisdom, what is wisdom without health, what is health without joy? Drop the cliched mannerisms, “cool” colloquialisms, and the need to measure ones clout or value based on labels and merchandise. We are not intended to be slaves to corporate handlers, governments, group leaders, or social protocols. We are intended to be free-thinking, ever-developing, loving caretakers of a gift too precious to ignore--life. Our greatest commodity is time. How will you use yours? What benefit is gained after your body wears out? Did you make an impact? Did you learn anything of lasting sustenance? Did you promote a better world for your posterity? The choice is entirely up to you.